Eglė Pilkauskaitė

Eglė Pilkauskaitė

Lithuania , .

Encrustation of thought and convention of meaning

By seeking to actively reflect art works it is important to recollect that for this artist art should more reflect process of creation than to become individual, detached object. Eglė Pilkauskaitė do not seperates art work process of creation from art work final expression by itself but vice versa - prominence process by giving to it priority. In organic and natural forms that you can find in art works author is talking about deconstruction, crumbling and disintegration that is in surrounding and she is proposing to perceive it though sense of art. 

Alongside to all exhibited works there is a piece “Paper surface - any surface”. This art work is in type of diary in which are captured few years of artist. From Vilnius to London, from London to Warsaw and back again to Vilnius - this is trajectory of art work. By looking into surface of paper author was meditatively following surface relief bends with pencil and fixating commonness of life.

Although in art works of artist is possible to find features of self-reflection most likely to hers art it is more important philosophically point of view and multi-layeredness. Main feature for art of Eglė Pilkauskaitė is to balance on thinnest line between aesthetical limit of beauty and ugliness and on the same time to observe how autonomously materials that are used in art process of creation operates without interfering of artist.