Martynas Pekarskas

Martynas Pekarskas

Lithuania , .

Project “XOXO form young blood” curated by GRAFO gallery currently represents painter Martynas Pekarskas (b. 1994) of young Lithuanian artist’s generation. His cycle “Squares” now is exhibited in exhibition “Pixelate” in business factory B Nordic 26 (J. Basanavičiaus st. 26, Vilnius).

“One square represents the whole canvas – whole canvas is just a pixel of the whole picture. Rational format of the pixel is the only rule, that lets go the intuitive decisions of color. It‘s a rule or method, indicating the edges and the process, that challenge borders. It is an abstraction by itself as well as a digital expression of the same. It is a rendered human filter, which leads from the physical reality to an electronic space and all the way back. One square – one solid pixel, has uncountable pixels in itself.” – says Martynas Pekarskas about his artworks.

In his new artworks form cycle „Squares“ Martynas Pekarskas rethinks the comprehension of the image and its very concept by transforming elements of digital image into abstraction of the shapes and colors. Mathematically calculated format of image and constant repetition of exact form - square/pixel - are offset by expressive and unequal brushstrokes. They create a unique ornamental field on the surface of canvas, which frees the viewer's sight from identification of the digital space. The harmony between contrasting colors and play of brushstrokes allows to understand the essence of color and light. Constant monotony of same form lets perceive the value of fragment in the entirety.

Martynas Pekarskas is a first year master student of fresco - mosaic specialty at Vilnius University of Arts in MTSK department. Artist was a participant in many group exhibitions and art projects in Lithuania. During past year he had three personal exhibitions and now the forth personal exhibition “Pixelate” will be exposed in business factory B Nordic 26 till 13th of February of 2018.