Živilė Minkutė

Živilė Minkutė

Lithuania , .

Precise imperfection and thoughtful as well as neat coincidence

There are two options of perspective of how artit’s works can be seen: either as if it is a sentimental author’s status or as if it is attempt to cause emotions for the viewer. It seems like in the middle of thoughtful coincidence in her artworks (which is precisely considered) Žvilė Minkutė consciously, although briefly, is seeking to disturb all viewers relationship with their routine while making them to think about everyday experiences, moods and situations. 

In the exhibition along with individual works there are two cycles - “Connections” and “Truths of one day (2)”.  “Truths of one day (2)” is a documentation of constantly changing lifestyle. It is very important for the artist that every new perception of present time becomes unquestionable truth. This cycle is a careful monitoring of self and environment, it gives more meaning to the moment as well as feelings which become more important than facts.

In artist’s artworks everyone can conceive self reflection details, references to self identity researches, existence and relation with surrounding reflections. The artist usually talks indirectly and uses all kinds of references. She creates imaginary narratives and transforms daily life to a form of art.